PBB: Puto Bumbong Baby


Baby she is clingy, sweet and downright delicious!

Vanderlust’s PBB

At Vanderlust there’s a story in every bite. Be it the time when one of founders almost locked his jaw trying to bite into a German Schneeballe or the time he ate a one kilo steak in Florence by himself (sure his wife was there, but more for moral support – spearing occasionally at the roasted vegetable sides) or the time he got hi… to try the local delicacy in Amsterdam.

So, it should come as no surprise that their curiosity was piqued when they encountered the Dutch Baby.

It’s sort of like pancake but bAtter. Story goes that it was first served in the States in the early 1900s at Manca’s, a diner in Seattle that eventually closed in the 1950s. Some stories go as far as speculating that the diner employed a German immigrant. Then the owner’s young daughter coined the name, “Dutch Baby”, presumably because the young child could not properly pronounce the German autonym deutsch.

The people behind Vanderlust wanted to create a version that would look and feel familiar to the Filipino market. Then they finally decided on the Puto Bumbong!

Loving the fact that Puto Bumbong represents Christmas – a time when families gather together and create memorable stories. It was the perfect way to localize something by honoring one of our longest standing Filipino virtue of the love for our Family.

Vanderlust’s Puto Bumbong Dutch Babies are made with ube, sticky rice, quezo de bola, toasted coconut and muscavado. Yum!

So, visit Vanderlust soon and get  a taste of Christmas any time of the year!

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