Nirvana Collective Presents: “Nirvana’s Friesta” – A Celebration of Conscious Consumerism and Local Beauty


In a world that constantly churns out trends and fast fashion, finding a connection between fashion, sustainability, and community can sometimes seem like a distant dream. However, Nirvana Collective, a trailblazing initiative from the Philippines, is here to bridge that gap. More than just a clothing store, Nirvana Collective stands as a symbol of discovery, fulfillment, and conscious consumption.

More Than Your Typical Thrift Store

Nirvana Collective is not merely a second hand consignment store; it is a pioneering platform that is redefining the fashion consumption experience for eco-conscious consumers. It offers a comprehensive solution for individuals keen to transition to a more sustainable lifestyle, starting with their wardrobe choices. Through mindful and meticulous curation, Nirvana sets itself apart offering high-quality and rare pieces that usually takes hours to find. This curated approach not only elevates the thrift shopping experience but also serves as an accessible entry point for newcomers to sustainable fashion. By providing an assortment of unique and high-caliber items, Nirvana Collective is drawing in a fresh audience of fashion enthusiasts and encouraging them to explore the manifold benefits of secondhand clothing.

For individuals wishing to just declutter and responsibly dispose of their apparel while also earning revenue, Nirvana Collective provides a streamlined consignment process. Prospective consignors merely need to complete a form, then Nirvana will take care of the rest—from item pick-up and curation to strategic marketing and eventual sale. The platform has garnered substantial attention, even attracting high-profile figures in the fashion and entertainment industries. Notable personalities such as Bea Soriano Dee, Liz Uy, Nicole Anderson, and Jess Wilson have joined the Nirvana movement by opting to consign their pre-loved pieces through the platform.

Connecting Communities through Collaboration

Nirvana Collective goes beyond being a mere shopping destination. It’s a place where communities connect, artists collaborate, and passions converge. Nirvana actively partners with like-minded thrift stores, innovative designers, and thrift enthusiasts from the country who would like to collaborate or consign their items through their ever-infamous pop-ups. These pop-ups breathe life into the concept of conscious fashion by merging creativity and storytelling.

This month, Nirvana Collective is throwing its biggest and most anticipated event yet: “Nirvana’s Fiesta” on September 23 – 24, 2023 from 4-10pm, at One Corporate Central Rooftop in Mandaluyong City.

Nirvana’s Fiesta is set to be an unforgettable two-day bash filled with excitement. It’s a treasure trove of local love with your favorite homegrown brands, offering everything from clothing and accessories to vinyl records, cozy cafes, and tantalizing drinks. 

You can expect to dance your heart out as local DJs spin tracks that’ll make you move like nobody’s watching. And for the foodies in the crowd, Nirvana’s Fiesta has you covered with culinary delights served up by local foodie entrepreneurs. Get your competitive spirit revved up for classic festival games where prizes and endless laughter are on the line. Last but not least, don’t forget to strike a pose at the event’s photo booth to capture all the fun and flaunt your newfound treasures!

From the beats that move you to the food that delights you, and the games that engage you, Nirvana’s Fiesta is more than an event—it’s an experience that encapsulates the essence of community, sustainability, and unbridled joy. Join Nirvana’s Fiesta and circle those dates on your calendar! 

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