Must-Try: Home-cooked Seafoods by Alimangonthego!


Alimangonthego started during the COVID-19 pandemic. It was an idea between Shanice and her fiancè to share their favorites with everyone at an affordable price.

Being huge fans of seafood, especially crabs, they made it a point to have their fair share whenever there is a special occasion. Sometimes they dine out, but most of the time they just buy live/fresh and cook it themselves. Crabs in restaurants can sometimes be associated with luxury. It’s not for everybody as it will range around Php 1200-2500 for a single piece of crab. Then they realized, “why not sell our favorite food at the most affordable price without missing out on that restaurant quality touch?”. It was at this time when Alimangonthego was born.

They initially started with selling live crabs and fresh prawns. Frozen seafoods was added after a month until they finalized the menu. Just like the idea, the food preparation and cooking is being done by Shanice and her fiancè. And apart from their menu items, Alimangonthego also accepts special orders. The lead time for special orders would vary depending on the request as they want to try the recipe first so they can provide the best seafood experience to their customers. There was one time they cooked Red Frog Crab, commonly known as “Curacha”, in Alavar sauce, and they loved it!

The best sellers are the Chili Garlic Buttered Crabs and Prawns, SG-Inspired Crabs and Claws, Baked Scallops and Baked Oysters! They also have salted egg variations of crabs and prawn dishes.

As most of us know, crabs are very delicious. But some people don’t like to eat crabs because apart from it being expensive, they say it’s too much of a drag to crack the shells and pick the meat from it. That was when they had another idea for their customers. Alimangoonthego created their very own “no-more-himay” crab in a jar, which is made from real crab meat and aligue, sautèed in special sauce, and can be eaten straight from the jar!

Alimangonthego is located in Las Piñas City and they deliver all over Metro Manila and its outskirts, Cavite, Laguna, Rizal and Antipolo. The Menu and Pricelist are posted on their Instagram highlights.

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