Must Have: Mama Tales Perfect Oil for Better Sleep & Stress Relief!


Mama Tales Perfect Oil was born from the idea of a mother. With a school-aged son who often catches colds and needs to take medicine frequently. At night, his breathing was wheezing. The mother wanted to find natural and organic alternatives such as herbs that are effective in relieving baby’s stuffy nose in order to minimize drug dependence. So she then consulted a pharmacist. For over three years, we have been developing formulas together in the lab. She personally tried the product with her children and a large number of volunteers. Until they finally formulated “the best” which is now the Mama Tales Perfect Oil. We believe that Moms want the best for their babies. Mama Tales Perfect Oil was developed and formulated by a pharmacist and a mother who had her children’s best interest at heart.

Mama Tales Perfect Oil was made available here in the Philippines by the same company who brought Kindee to the Philippines.  The Company wants to bring in Brands and Products that are not only safe, effective and organic but also products that would help Moms and Dads make parenthood more manageable.

So what are the things you’ll love about Mama Tales Perfect Oil?
1. Smells really good!
Mama Tales Perfect Oil has a unique scent as it’s a blended mix of several organic ingredients. It emits a very fresh scent and it definitely does not have stains of shallots’ pungent smell.  It’s a “try it to believe it” kind of product!  

2. Quick relief! You can instantly feel the difference! Mama Tales Perfect Oil uses the principle of aromatherapy to relieve symptoms of cold and stuffy nose. Helps every part of the body system- – circulatory system, respiratory system and the nervous system. Fun Fact: The essential oil molecules reach our brain in just 22 seconds and our bloodstream in 2minutes!  

3. Natural and Organic! These words may be over-used by some companies for Marketing purposes.  It’s best to check those labels.  Mama Tales Perfect Oil is certified by globally recognized institutions such as EcoCert (Europe) and USDA (USA).  Ingredients are carefully tested and they are sourced from different countries- – Shiso Extract from Japan, Lavender Extract from France, Shallots (Onion) from Thailand.  Other ingredients include Chapula, Piper Sarmentosum and Chamomile.  

4. Safe even for babies! Essential Oils are readily available in the market and we know that they provide a lot of medical benefits. But oftentimes, they may have quite a strong scent that is not recommended for babies and sensitive skin. This Mama Tales Perfect Oil is formulated to be safe for babies (also for G6PD babies), pregnant women, breastfeeding moms and even the elderly!  
5. Multipurpose and has a lot of health benefits!

  • Prevention and Cure for sneezing, runny nose, colds. For an overall stronger immune system.
  • Promotes better sleep!  Moms have tried using this on their little ones and shared their testimonies!  It not only helped them sleep quicker but also deeper and longer!  More “me” time for us and who wouldn’t want to have that extra time to watch Netflix or have quality time with wifey/ hubby, right?  Apply directly on the chest, neck, forehead, back or temples. 
  • Anti-stress and would immediately change your mood!
  • Natural essential oil extracts will gently nourish the skin. Reduce dryness of the skin as well.

Here are some tips on how you can use Mama Tales Perfect Oil

  • Simply inhale it!  The easiest and most practical way to do this is to roll it on your palm/ temples then deeply inhale the scent a few times.  You may also use a bowl of hot water and add a few drops of this essential oil.  Breathe in and out deeply to inhale the scent.
  • Apply a few drops on your Face Masks for better breathing!  1-2 drops will do the trick. You’ll be comfortable and at ease even when you wear your face mask for a longer period of time
  • Add 2 – 3 drops of the essential oil per 1 – 2 liter/s of warm water for bathing. It will warm the body and will make blood flow better. The gentle scent will help make breathing easier. The vapor or steam will help dislodge mucus and help you relax. It also contains Vitamin E and Aloe Vera which will gently moisturise your skin.  Recommended for your baby’s bath time too!
  • Put 1-2 drops on the pillow, blanket or clothes. The smell will help you breathe freely, reducing nasal congestion and shortness of breath. 
  • Drop the essential oil onto the palm of your hand then massage it gently on the chest, back, neck, forehead, wrists or temples. Use this Mama Tales Perfect Oil at night and it will help you relax, sleep better and longer.

With this pandemic, we need this Mama Tales Perfect Oil now more than ever!  Not only that we cannot afford to get sick, but also need this to relax, unwind and have a stress-free life at the comfort of our homes.

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