MONMONMON’s Not-So-Secret Menu: Choc Nut, Ube & Bibingka Basque Burnt Cheesecakes!


In the spirit of a true Pinoy Christmas, Monmonmon offers limited-time-only Meryenda Packs comprised of their Burnt Cheesecake Bites in nostalgic local flavors – Bibingka, Choc Nut, and their best-selling Ube, which has made a comeback from its limited release last August.

Each flavored bite stays true to its mother product – the classic Basque Burnt Cheesecake – in that it remains creamy and custardy and maintains its caramelly burnt flavor, only with familiar yet surprising spins this time that takes us to a stroll down memory lane.

All flavors could also be devoured as full seven-inch cakes, by request, as part of Monmonmon’s not-so-secret secret menu. 😉

Talk about an awesome holiday present and/or the perfect Noche Buena centerpiece! Get in touch with them on their Instagram & Facebook pages!

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