Juan Karlos, Al James Rev Up Yamaha’s Mio Fazzio: Ride To A New Hue Davao


There’s no better way for Yamaha Motor Philippines to connect to the Filipino youth than bringing to life their favorite tunes of today. 

Enthusiastically, Juan Karlos and Al James came to serenade the over 5000 attendees of the Yamaha Mio Fazzio Start Youniqueness – Ride To A New Hue event last October 20, in SM Lanang, Davao. 

The mall’s open grounds became an instant fair for the youngsters as the two local artists took the stage alongside DJ Nix Damn P!

The show had also seen both the province’s influencers and the most popular fresh faces from Metro Manila for a fashion show introducing the Mio Fazzio’s colors and features.

The Mio Fazzio, Yamaha Motor Philippines’ most youthful release yet, boasts a customizable accessory port, 12-inch tubeless tires, a lid pocket and underseat storage, an electric power socket, and spacious footboard. 

Colorways can vary from pastel blue, matte orange, and ivory white.

Several booths stood inside the mall housing a couple of activities and some customized bikes by local clothing brands such as DBTK, Coziest, and Nobody Clothing in collaboration with Iron Macchina Customs. 

Of course, the event won’t be complete without the crowd-favorite test ride area, where the star of the night Mio Fazzio, and all other Yamaha units were made available for trial runs for free. 

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