JS Cuisine: Liempo Sisig Bake, Crab Sotanghon & more!


A stay-at-home mom of 2 that used to handle a restaurant’s daily operations, decided to be a full-time mom before the quarantine. Staying at home meant having more time for family and more time to unlock new skills. Out of her passion for food, she found herself in the kitchen experimenting with food. Despite the circumstances, she was finally able to fulfill her goals of cooking meals that are satisfying and special. Thus, JS Cuisine was established.

All of JS Cuisine‘s dishes were developed, tested and critiqued by her family and friends before the official launch. This ensures that everything she prepares takes into consideration different taste buds and satisfies everyone’s bellies.

Her menu currently consists of a tasty roasted chicken, seafood sotanghon that’s truly one-of-a-kind and crunchy and healthier pork liempo sisig with a sisig bake variant!

Whole Roast Chicken — Comes with the roasted veggies and special sauce.

Baked Liempo Sisig Rice — Cooked thru the juiciness of the sisig into the rice, this is no ordinary rice and sisig rice pair. We’re loving it!

Crab Sotanghon —- A perfect combo that will surely satiate your seafood cravings.

Watch out as she continues to expand with more tried and tested dishes that will leave your taste buds wanting more. Check out JS Cuisine on Facebook & Instagram for updates and orders!

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