This Filipino Watch Deserves To Be Everyone’s Iconic Local Timepiece


Ibarra Manila. A product of pure Filipino pride and talent. Ibarra was established in 2015 by founder and physicist Nico Moreno who had a strong passion for the art of watchmaking and the dream to rekindle the Filipino heritage of timekeeping. Being the first locally-assembled Filipino watch brand, Ibarra offers timepieces that showcases the skill and ingenuity of Filipinos in an industry that has been present across the globe for centuries.

And with universally-appealing and timeless designs, the brand was able to establish a foothold in the local market that continued to grow reaching Filipinos in the various provinces and even overseas. Ibarra was able to earn the recognition of being a truly Philippine product through an endorsement by Philippine President Rodrigo R. Duterte in 2017 and was even selected to be the official gift to the heads of state during the ASEAN 50 Special Celebration in the same year.Although the Philippines had never been a pivotal player in this industry, the brand believes that Filipinos possess the necessary skills and creativity to establish a brand that can thrive in the global market. With world-class materials, each Ibarra timepiece is created to ensure the quality time-keeping.

Ibarra Manila has just released the Mariano Collection last July 15, 2018. You can view the selection over at their website:

Ibarra is currently found in SM Kultura Stores and in specialty stores located in Metro Manila, Cebu, and Davao.

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