How to Practice Intentional Gift Giving as told by Istorya Creations

Most people use gifts as a way to show their love throughout the year – may it be for sweet nothings, birthdays, anniversaries, or holidays. And the beauty of Intentional Gift Giving is that it makes you reflect and reconnect to what’s at the heart of gift-giving: generosity, thoughtfulness, and love. Gifts are meant to be a purposeful gesture of love, after all. So here are a few tips on how you can practice it:
Before buying a gift, try to reflect on why you want to buy it and what meaningful experience you’d want to share with the receiver. Contemplate on how this gift will play a part in their lives and how it will resonate your love and intention for them.2. SET PARAMETERS.
As a gifter, whatever you give also sort of reflects who you are and what your values are. So it’s best to set parameters or choose gifts that are aligned with your values as a person. Maybe you support a certain social cause or eco-sustainability or local products – these are great parameters that will also make gifting a good experience for you, the gifter.3. THINK LONG-TERM.
And this doesn’t only mean that the gift should be usable or won’t add up to clutter. The essence of intentional gift giving is sparking joy in both the receiver and the gifter and making it a positive, meaningful experience. Which means, when selecting your gifts, also think of it’s long-term effect on the receiver’s life. Will it only be special when they open or will it continue to make them happy every time they see it and use it?

We hope these are helpful in making your next gift-giving experience more meaningful and purposeful. For gift ideas that will spark joy in the hearts of your loved ones, visit our website:

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