FROZENMNL Debuts New Tiger Sugar Ice Cream Cone!


Milk tea lovers will have every reason to celebrate this Christmas as Tiger Sugar releases its latest ice cream sensation with an online debut via the popular frozen delivery e-commerce site

FrozenMNL has always been at the forefront of delivering trendy frozen items to Filipino foodies in Metro Manila and nearby provinces. The site specializes in handling frozen food deliveries such as ice cream, pizza, dim sum, meat, poultry, seafood, and ready to eat frozen meals from top rated chefs and restaurants.  FrozenMNL is dedicated to the proper handling of frozen items with a service promise that customers will never have to deal with defrosted food deliveries again.

The first Tiger Sugar Boba Ice Cream Bar was released last summer, and it became a mainstream hit that the makers decided to create a second variant – the Tiger Sugar Milk Tea Ice Cream Cone made with black sugar milk tea ice cream with special boba that maintains its chewiness inside the black sugar cone, topped with dark chocolate and crisp flakes.  Both ice cream products are available at and are bundled with Tiger Sugar Popcorn!

FrozenMNL is well-known for its vast selection of ice cream brands—Carmen’s Best, Merry Moo, Meiji Ice Cream, Magnolia, Grom, as well as Keto and vegan ice cream. Fresh flown in weekly from Japan & Korea, the Philadelphia Cheesecake Oreo and Matcha KitKat flavors are some of the best-selling items.

Popular frozen pizzas include Shakey’s and Pizza Pedrico’s.  Other iconic brands include Pegi Waffles, Eat Fresh Dimsum, Eng Bee Tin, Theo & Brom Chocolate Tableya Cake and the Korean cheesy corn dog craze from BibigoBolzico beef, Angus steaks, seafood, pork, poultry and Beyond meats are also sold onsite.  Your freezer will never be the same!

Check out for more information and how to order! #FillYourFreezer


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