Emborg is now available on Shopee!


Emborg is a family-owned brand, and family values are the cornerstone of their business and the source of their passion for tasty meals in everyday life. The brand was founded in 1947 as a family business and became a pioneer within frozen foods. Now, Emborg is easily accessible in local groceries and now on Shopee, offering natural, nutritious, and flavourful food products across a wide range of dairy products, frozen vegetables and berries, as well as plant-based products.

Whip up quick and tasty meals for the whole family with these nutritious and flavorful picks from Emborg!

Emborg Butter (Unsalted): Emborg Unsalted Butter is made from European churned cream. It has a rich and pure butter taste, perfect for sweet or savoury recipes such as butter cookies or a butter based sauce.

Emborg Cheddar Natural Slices: Emborg Cheddar Natural Slices have a sweet, rich and buttery flavour. They are made from fresh European milk and contain important nutrients like calcium and protein. A perfect, delicious addition to your favourite sandwich.

Emborg US Cream Cheese Cup: Emborg American Cream Cheese now comes in a convenient cup for easy everyday spreading! It stores neatly in your refrigerator. Our American Cream Cheese is produced in the US using the original American Cream Cheese recipe.

It has a delicious flavour and creamy texture – which makes it ideal to serve cold as a spread and even perfect for cheesecakes, dips or sauces.

Emborg Shredded Mozzarella: Emborg Shredded Mozzarella has a smooth and creamy texture. Its fantastic stretch makes it excellent for homemade pizzas and classic kinds of pasta.

Enjoy exclusive deals on Emborg’s Grand Launch on Shopee on July 2! Get up to 12% off and P225 off discount vouchers for a min. spend of P2,250 + Up to P100 shipping discount vouchers.

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