6 reasons why you should go to Design Your Health 2016


By Unilab Foundation

The first holistic health and wellness fair is happening this weekend!

With Filipinos being more self-aware and health-conscious, Design Your Health is a chance to take charge of your own wellness, and to move towards a healthier lifestyle.


Here are the top reasons why we’re hyped for this event:

  1. Choose your own health trackpicture2

Holistic health is the combination of your physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual health. Design Your Health features various workshops that will enhance each of these aspects over two whole days.

If your priority is improving your physical form, then you can go for the physical health track. Workshops include overcoming stress through fitness, maintaining a healthy diet with juicing and sushi-making, and learning some basic self-defense.

Emotional health is a little tricky to address, but you can improve this at workshops on crafts, journaling, and expressive art meditation.

Mental and spiritual health are closely related, because activities in one can also benefit the other. Spiritual health is not only limited to religion or belief. It also includes our ability to find our meaning and live purposefully. Try an introductory workshop on mindfulness, or learning chair yoga to reduce stress at work.

  1. Demo classes

We love free trials!


Fitness First is holding two demo classes: Body Combat on October 8, and Zumba Fitness on October 9. Sure, you can watch videos on YouTube, but it’s still something else to be trying it with real people. Make sure you wear your workout clothes.

Oh, and did we mention there will also be a Cha-Cha Line Dance demo class? That’s courtesy of White Space Wellness! Sounds like a good date to us.

  1. Healthy treatspicture4

There are weekend markets, and then there’s Design Your Health. Check out varied selections of food that will make you physically and emotionally healthy. From healthy nuggets to fair trade coffee, fruit pops to protein-rich burgers, the food concessionaires will help you load up on calories that you can burn at the demo classes!

  1. Expert advicedyh2016-program-poster_2

If you’re not into the free demo classes, then try the free talks. Consider the management classes, which focus on managing your body’s nutritional needs, stress, and even how health is affected by your digital activities.

  1. Retail therapy

You can also call it oniochalasia, or shopping as a form of mental relaxation! From skincare to vegan food to bags and books, the exhibitors will have something for you.

  1. Inclusive experience

Holistic health thrives in an inclusive community! The art exhibit features art by persons with autism. Some of the event volunteers include students with disability. What better way to promote the idea that holistic health is for all?


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