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Staying healthy will always be in everyone’s top priority. Taking care of your skin is now as important as taking care of your health, so go for products that are powerful against your skin issues and can provide the nourishment that your skin needs. While skincare should be done by all, not all products are created equal. Men should use products formulated to be suitable for their skin type.

Dermaction Plus by Watsons has dermatologically-tested skincare products formulated with advanced technology and ingredients proven to be powerful yet effective and gentle on the skin. It offers products that are effective for acne-prone skin, maximum protection against UV & blue light, and an exclusive range formulated for men approved by the girlfriends, wives, mothers, or sisters! 

In taking care of your skin, choosing products should go beyond maximum protection, whether you’re indoors or outdoors. Dermaction Plus Sun Care products use HEVshield that works like a proactive film to shield your skin from damages caused by UV rays and blue light. Functioning as sun care and skincare in one, these products also contain CollaBoost, which promotes skin elasticity and reduces wrinkles, Witch Hazel extract, that protects skin from pollution that can cause acne, and Aloe Vera extract, that moisturizes and soothes skin.

Dermaction Plus offers a wide range of sunscreens to choose from. Try Dermaction Advance Sun Care Water Drop Cream Gel for that wearable and lightweight texture, yet heavy on protection. If you’re looking for a multi-purpose sunscreen, you can opt for Advanced Sun Face & Body Lotion to protect you from head to toe. If you’re looking for a multi-purpose sunscreen, opt for the Advanced Sun Face and Body Lotion, which is another lightweight and non-sticky product. For those who have acne-prone skin, try the Advanced Sun Zinc-Acne Prone Gel. This has Zinc PA that helps treat acne while keeping your skin protected from UV rays. Lastly, for oily skin users who prefer using products with a matte finish, there’s Dermaction Plus Sheer Matt Invisible Balm that will refresh the skin with its matte finish formula.

Dermaction Plus will now offer an exclusive range that you can trust for the special men in your lives. Try the New Dermaction Plus by Watsons Men’s Complete White and Complete Active. Both lines have three products to help you build a no-fuss Cleanse-Treat-Protect routine: Facial Foam Wash, Intensive Serum, and Day Essence SPF.

Powered with Pollufight technology that helps protect the skin from harmful effects of pollution, this simple routine can help repair and brighten up dull and haggard-looking skin.

Lastly, you can also try Dermaction Plus’ Anti-Acne range. The products in this range uses a unique Acnoderm technology which continuously releases active ingredients that effectively dries pimples up for as fast as 6 hours! On top of that, these anti-acne products contain Niacinamide, which helps tighten the skin and control oil, and Zinc PCA that helps protect against acne-causing bacteria. Add the Dermaction Plus Purifying Facial Gel, Skin Toner Clear Lotion, SOS Spot Corrector, and Day Lotion to your morning routine. At night, use the Anti-Acne Cleansing Water and Night Essence.

Give your skin the care it needs with this range of powerful yet gentle solutions from Watsons. Shop the range and other Watsons-made brands any way you want!

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