Closeup & Shopee partner up to enable a world where #LoveBuildsLove!


Closeup has always fought for closeness of all kinds, starting with empowering people with the fresh breath and stunning smiles they need to get close and be Free to Love.

With Valentine’s Day fast approaching, most of us are already thinking of grand gestures to express our love and affection for one another. But in the midst of finding the perfect gift, wearing the perfect date night outfit, or even finding the right angle for a virtual date night, we often overlook the small yet potent doses of love that really help build love.

Closeup is no stranger to this idea, and strongly believes that it’s the little acts of love the create the biggest ripples in helping create a world that is free to love – where closeness of all kinds can be celebrated.

That is why closeup is partnering with Shopee to bring the first ever closeup #FreeToLove Sale, happening from February 8 to February 14, with the hopes of giving everyone great options to send little acts of love with. If getting your closeup favorites at a minimum of 50% isn’t enough, they’ve also prepared exclusive closeup goodies you can score with every purchase! From custom chocolates, to the cutest sticker packs, and even Korean heart-themed couple shirts, you don’t have to look any further to find that little act of love for that special someone.

Apart from these exciting deals and premiums closeup has in store, closeup has also created the #FreeToLove E-Card Chatbot: – where you can customize and send an e-card of your choice to a special someone to show them that you love them! The best part? Every card you make and send entitles you to vouchers that give additional discounts of up to 15% off in the #FreeToLove sale!

Together with closeup, let’s celebrate the magic of little acts of love and their power to create a world that is free to love. After all, #LoveBuildsLove.

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