Time to relive good times at Chef & Brewer! NOW OPEN AT BLUE BAY WALK, PASAY!


Enjoy timeless classics with the food, music and ambiance that makes Chef & Brewer.

Being one of the hang-out havens at Pasay City, Blue Bay Walk, now hosts a new home for this nostalgic brand. Along with the bayside breeze, city lights and the buzzing streets of Manila, you can grab that ice cold beer to enjoy while listening to live music that promises you, your friends and family a good time.

Here are some of their signature dishes that you have to try!

Sisig Pancit – yes, a mix of two classic Filipino favorites in one topped off with perfect sunny-side up eggs to complete the experience.

Meat Lover’s Pizza – Those are nachos on top! Cheesy, bacon nachos that top off your meat pizza, way to go, Chef & Brewer! The perfect beer partner.

Buffalo Chicken Wings – But of course! And this one packs a lot of spice that will give you an extra boost of energy for the long night ahead.

The place has more than enough space for parties and special gatherings. Chef & Brewer holds two floors with ample floor space, bar area, stage area, and seats. The outdoor seating on the second floor is perfect to watch the bright afternoon sky turn orange until the music serenades you for a great night ahead.

Photo from Chef & Brewer Blue Bay Walk’s Facebook Page

The Chef & Brewer promise hasn’t changed. It still promises good times and good vibes with every visit and will always have that familiar feel to their restaurant and that distinct taste to the food.

Simple, classic and just something we all need to remind us of the good times we’ve had then and will continue to have every day.

Visit them soon at Blue Bay Walk, Macapagal Avenue corner Edsa, Libertad, Pasay City or call +63 936-941-1634 for inquiries and more information. 

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