Celestea: Online Tea Shop with Affordable Artisan & Organic Loose Tea


Celestea is a locally owned brand by a tea lover who grew up drinking fresh tea straight from their garden. Her passion that is rooted back to an early age drove her to share her passion to every teato and teata in the country, thus the brand Celestea – derived from her last name, Celeste – was born.

Here’s why tea is good for you:

a) In general, no matter the season, tea can be served hot or cold. Its benefits go way beyond relaxing, soothing and refreshing. There is plenty of research that shows drinking tea improves your health. Tea contains antioxidants. Antioxidants fight free radicals and slow down damage to your cells to keep us young-looking.

b) Some teas are imbibed with a specific purpose and effect. You have sleeping problems? There is chamomile and lavender tea to help you. You always feel bloated every after meal? Peppermint can help you! And the list goes on and on and on…

Maybe at this point, you are nearly convinced that tea is really good for you! Well, Celestea went a step further and made it better. They offer it in loose and whole form! (not the dust and fannings like you find in bagged teas). Loose teas are rolled or whole leaf, and for tisanes, these are dried flowers and cut root herbs and both are packed with its natural essential oils and aroma. They offer these in loose form as they aim to make drinking tea sustainable.

Celestea is a locally owned brand that has made a wide variety of locally grown tisanes and teas sourced from outside the country affordable. The brand has been working with a growing pool of partner farmers throughout the country in making this happen.

Here are the tisanes that the shop offers that are grown and processed locally. You can buy any of these for ₱195.00 for the 125ml and ₱295.00 for the 200ml.

  • Ginger Tea – ginger is sourced from Nueva Vizcaya and Palawan.
  • Turmeric Tea – same as the ginger, turmeric is also sourced in Nueva Vizcaya but recently, Celestea has partnered with a farmer in the Bicol region.
  • Lemongrass Tea – their lemongrass tea is sourced in Rizal.
  • Hibiscus Tea – their hibiscus flower is sourced in Mindanao.
  • Butterfly Pea  – their butterfly pea is sourced in Mindanao.

If you want to see the full catalogue of Celestea, head to their Instagram @celesteaph and place an order through the link in their bio. Just to let you know, they ship nationwide!

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  1. Ariane Cornejo Reply

    My love for tea started when I tried Celestea’s organic teas; from then, I have been an avid fan of her products. ❤️ Celestea’s owner has a genuine and compassionate heart to help our local farmers, that’s why her business is continuously growing. And Celestea is also a tribute for her mom!
    You don’t only get a wide selection of organic teas from her shop, but also teata friend ❤️

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