Almost Cookies’ Blue Cheese Cookies: The Next Trending Cookie!

Everyone loves cookies — sweet, chocolate-y treats that have evolved with new flavors over time. If you’re out to find a unique taste that will at first confuse but later delight your palette, then Almost CookiesBlue Cheese cookies are a must try!

“Weird” and “exotic” are words that are soon replaced by “addictive” and “delicious” once customers get a hold of Almost Cookies‘ unique flavor. It may seem intimidating, but it actually tastes like those milk cheese cookies from Japan!
But of course, they also have the classics, such as chocolate chip cookies, white chocolate chip cookies, and celebration cookies. So which should you try? At the end of the end of the day, it all boils down to what kind of person you are — exciting and adventurous, or chill and basic?
Check out their products by visiting their website or following their Instagram, and get a glimpse of their super cute packaging, which in itself already gives a hint that they don’t hold back from impressing their customers.

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