All-day dining & infinite perfect coffee pairings at The Coffee Academics Café!

The Coffee Academics PH Café

The brunch scene is getting more and more exciting in town. With more people going out more on mornings, noon & night  for coffee, meals and catch ups, it’s no wonder all day brunch places have become the new go-to spot for most days of the week! 

What people look for for brunch is always 2 things: great meals and even greater coffee. And hooray for us, The Coffee Academics Café is the definition of the brunch scene & more.

The Coffee Academics Café (TCA Café) is an entity of The Coffee Academics (TCA). Purveyor and Roaster of Specialty Coffee, TCA was founded in Hong Kong 10 years ago with the vision of making high-quality specialty coffee accessible by being priced fairly.                    

The Coffee Academics PH Café’s first branch at Legazpi Village, Makati City

The Coffee Academics Café’s first branch is located at Legazpi Village, Makati City. Apart from eye-catching interiors and exteriors (hello #insta worthy pics all around!), this community café provides a home not just for coffee enthusiasts, but people of all interests.

There’s a lot of good things to say about this place so we’ll give you a rundown of the Top 5 things to love about The Coffee Academics Café:

1.    The Coffee (& more)

They’re serious about their coffee and it shows. They’ve received global awards for their specialty coffee and the cafes. TCA prides itself in using coffee from the top 5% Arabica beans worldwide, creating community partnerships for sustainable growth and fair trade. Woohoo! 

The Coffee Academics PH Cafe’s Coffee Conette

They’re also a very inclusive brand because for the non-coffee drinkers, TCA Café has refreshing handcrafted iced teas, chocolate drinks, and an assortment of hot teas.

2.    The Food

There’s literally something for everyone. From light snacks, all-day brunch, pastas and sandwiches, fresh pastries to full on main meals – they have it!

The Coffee Academics Café’s extensive yet well-curated food and drink menu makes sure you get what you want, need and is (or will be) craving for.

They also launched NEW small biggie plates available from 2pm-5pm for your mid-day snack fix!

3.    The Space

 People come to work here, study quietly, or read a book while drinking their award-winning cup of joe. — all in the same place. Talk about convenience and versatility! 

4.    The Extensive Operating Hours

The 3rd bullet is possible because they are open daily from 7:00am to 12:00mn! From your first cuppa joe to sipping cocktails, TCA Café hits the spot.         

5.    The Community

TCA’s tagline is Brewing Perspectives and it reflects with the type of people you encounter in the café. Different people from different fields brewing different perspectives, experiences and moments all in one place. Welcoming atmosphere, with a good crowd and warm thoughtful service. It’s hard not to love the vibe.

BONUS: They also have coffee-related merch! They recently launched their line of TCA x Kinto tumblers and coffee gears that’s super sleek and aesthetic — and would look really good on your coffee tables (& Instagram posts *wink*). 

Apart from this special line, the cafe also carries TCA’s signature coffee beans, shirts, tote bags, drip bags, and Nespresso-compatible capsules. 

There’s still so much to discover about TCA Café that keeps us coming back for more — a single visit may definitely not be enough! Overall, TCA cafe is a perfect place to hang out, cowork, and enjoy great coffee with hearty delicious meals.   

About TCA PH: The Coffee Academics Philippines has two entities: Café and To-Go.

The Coffee Academics Philippines Café is a full-service café in Legazpi Village, Makati City. It offers the complete TCA experience with great coffee and all-day brunch selections. The Coffee Academics To-Go is a kiosk with a grab-and-go concept located in BGC and Robinsons Magnolia is operated by a different group. Learn more about The Coffee Academics Philippines Café on Facebook and Instagram and stay tuned for more branches soon! Go and have brunch soon at #TheCoffeeAcademics Café!          

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