A Home Cook’s Love for Chillie Coffee

chilli coffee

Food By Bobby came about from a cook’s love for creating delectable concoctions at home. Bobby is the home cook behind this brand – with an educational background in culinary and 3+ years of experience in the food & beverage industry. His love for food can be traced back to his formative years where he was always intrigued by food.

Bobby has always been the type of person that can make-do with anything you hand him. At the start of quarantine, he spent most of his days in the kitchen — writing, creating recipes, and reinventing himself as a cook through experimentation and expression.

This led to him launching Food By Bobby that initially served as his online space to share his love for food. But after a few months into it, he wanted to figure out how he could use this platform as a means to earn. Bobby opted to start with beverages after remembering something he developed a few years ago when he had a food business with some friends. 

“The idea of coffee with chili started back in 2015 as a joke between friends during a brainstorming session. I was thinking of something that can put them on the radar for coffee enthusiasts and daredevils of gastromony. After joining a few bazaars and outdoor markets, we landed a spot at “Bellysima” by Mercato to compete with other upcoming food businesses. There were tons of people who participated. Basically, people would come in with a voting sheet and they would rate each stall based on what we had to offer. We offered a variety of pastas, pastries and drinks, including the Chillie Coffee. People were commenting on how unique and surprisingly good the Chillie Coffee was so I knew we had something there”.

Fast Forward to the early 2021, after weeks of refining the recipe and taste testing, he was ready to relaunch The Chillie Coffee!

?️☕What is the Chillie Coffee?

The Chillie Coffee offers extra flavor and character through the combination of rich premium barako coffee beans grown up North, and locally-grown siling labuyo (sometimes even using the siling labuyo he grows at home). The caffeine helps with energy-boosting while the chilli gives our body a boost of vitamins needed for immunity!

?️☕Is it spicy?

We’ve received a lot of Qs asking if it’s spicy or not— to which the answer is NO. Our cold brew blends the caffeine hit with the spicy kick. The chilli acts as a flavor enhancer & gives your throat a soothing sensation with each gulp.

?️☕ How much does each bottle contain?

All our bottles are 350mL which is enough for 1-2 servings. As we currently have 3 variants, each one can cater to a specific time of the day. Really depends on how much coffee you consume.

?️☕ What flavors do you offer?

We have an original cold brew, latte, and mocha- all of which is ready to drink.

?️☕ What’s the shelf life?

Since it does not contain any kind of preservative, our drinks can be consumed within a week after receiving them though some have kept it in deep temperatures to make it last up until 2 weeks.

?️☕ How much is it?

Prices start at Php 90 per bottle.  We also offer bundles of three and five ranging from Php 250 – 500 so customers can stock up on our coffee for up to a whole work week.

?️☕ What locations do you deliver to?

We primarily cater to Metro Manila but we’ve also delivered to Cavite, Laguna, Rizal, and Bulacan. We can make special arrangements for those who order in bulk as well!

?️☕ How can you order?

All you have to do is visit Food By Bobby’s Instagram and Facebook pages. We operate every day. Orders placed are delivered next-day though special requests can be made and will be checked if it can be accommodated.


Covid-19 hit the F&B industry hard last year, which prompted the former cafe he worked for to close. It hasn’t been easy… and being a father of 1, he had to figure out how he can support his family. The Chillie Coffee combines the best of what  premium barako & siling labuyo can offer. Subtle, rich, and balanced in taste — it aims to give consumers a unique coffee experience!

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