A Celebration of Journey and Style Founded by Bea Alonzo


November 18, Manila – Introducing BASH, a groundbreaking brand created by the award-winning actress Bea Alonzo. This brand is a testament to the fusion of travel and style, born from Bea’s profound love for exploration and organizing. It’s more than just a label; BASH represents a celebration of every journey inspired by the myriad of challenges and experiences encountered on the road.

Origin and Inspiration: Bea Alonzo’s extensive travel experiences, filled with unique challenges, laid the foundation for BASH. Her vision was to create a brand that not only addresses the practical needs of travelers but also infuses elegance and style into their journeys.

Why BASH?: Named after her beloved character BASHA, the name BASH also signifies celebration and festivity, echoing the brand’s ethos of celebrating every journey and milestone.

Brand Philosophy: At its core, BASH is dedicated to enhancing the travel experience. It embodies the spirit of exploration and the practicality needed for smooth journeys. Every product from BASH is a blend of functionality and aesthetic appeal, designed to be a travel essential and a fashion statement.

The Bea Alonzo Touch: As the founder, Bea Alonzo’s involvement in BASH goes beyond mere endorsement. She has been actively involved in every aspect of the brand’s development, from its inception to the design of each product, ensuring that BASH reflects her vision of combining practicality with style.

Future Direction: Under Bea’s guidance, BASH is set to expand its product range, continuing to offer innovative travel solutions that cater to the evolving needs of modern travelers.

Community Engagement: Bea Alonzo extends her heartfelt gratitude to her fans and followers for their unwavering support. She invites everyone to join in this exciting journey and experience the joy of travel with BASH products as their companions.

As BASH continues to grow under Bea Alonzo’s visionary leadership, it remains committed to its mission of celebrating the journey of travel with style and practicality.

For more information, follow BASH Manila on Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/bash.manila) and Instagram @bash.manila.

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