5 Reasons to Try Shiok Shack PH’s #ShiokinglyGood Dimsum!


Everybody loves to indulge in some good Chinese comfort food—whether you’re a Chinoy, Filipino, or whatnot! The virus threat and quarantine protocols may have prevented you from dining out in your favorite Chinese restaurants, but fret not—because you can avail a dimsum as good as those offered by high-quality Chinese restaurants that Chinese grandparents love, approve, and rave about—at the comfort of your own home! Shiok Shack PH offers quality Chinese food favorites such as siomai and hakaw that will leave you with a happy tummy and #ShiokinglyGood experience!

If these are not enough reasons to convince you, here are five more reasons why you should give it a try:

  • #Shiokingly Big Dimsums

This is not your average dimsum, you guys! One of the things that make Shiok Shack PH’s dimsums stand out is that they are more massive in size than most other dimsums out there—making it worth every penny!

  • Premium and Authentic Quality

No need to dine out, because this dimsum exudes just as much premium and authentic quality as those dishes from Chinese restaurants that you love! Each piece is preciously handmade. Their siomai is made of 100% pork and shrimp while their hakaw is packed with a generous heap of large shrimps! A total delight in every bite!

  • No added preservatives

Did we also mention that their dimsum is not just #ShiockinglyGood but is also #Shiokingly healthy?! It doesn’t contain preservatives, so it’s perfect for those who are looking for a tasty treat without compromising their health! 

  • Perfect for busy peeps

No time to cook? No problem! You can now eat good-quality food without being harassed at the kitchen because Shiok Shack PH’s dimsums are #Shiokingly convenient and quick to prepare! They offer their goodies in frozen packs, and all you need to do is steam for 15 minutes for a satisfying #ShiokinglyGood experience!

  • Unforgettable Chili Garlic (OUR NEW FOUND FAVORITE!!)

With a mixture of fresh garlic and chili, as well as special bits of dried shrimps and scallops, Shiok Shack PH’s chili garlic sauce is clearly made up of premium ingredients that perfectly complements the flavor of their already perfect dimsum! No unpleasant aftertaste nor bitterness. It’s a perfect condiment for any meal! Trust us, we finished the bottle with just 3 meals, well, 2 if we didn’t stop ourselves.

Excited to try the #ShiokinglyGood experience? Just visit their social media pages on Facebook or Instagram for their full menu and place your order now! 

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