5 Reasons to Catch Them All! The MASQ Pokemon-inspired Collection is here!


We all know the famous line “Gotta catch them all!” and we sure do! The MASQ Collection, a local mask brand, just released their MASQ Air – Pokémon-inspired Collection and we’ve got to tell you… it’s so adorable that we had to catch them all!

Inspired by the love of Pokémon from people from all ages all over the world but also within the MASQ team, they launched their first collection under their MASQ Air series. They decided to throw it back to the beloved first generation pokémon starters and of course, they couldn’t leave out Ash’s loyal partner – Pikachu.

We’re sure you’re wondering – “the pandemic is going to end soon, why should I get a new mask?” Well, we’ve got you covered and here are 5 reasons why this collection is too hard to pass on!

1. Nostalgia City!

We think it’s safe to say that we all grew up on Pokémon whether it’s watching it on TV or playing the games on a gameboy or on our phones. Wearing these masks remind us of the childhood that we miss and hold on to!

2. A simple and easy way to spruce up your outfit

Whether it’s your workout attire, your office attire, or a simple pair of jeans and t-shirt, you can stand out from the crowd with a Pokémon saying bye or hi on your mask! The very endearing design adds a certain cuteness that elevates an everyday look.

3. It’s lightweight, breathable, and… waterproof!

At only 0.17 pounds, the mask is incredibly lightweight that it feels like it isn’t there! Aside from being lightweight, whether it’s for commuting, intense workouts, traveling, or just walking around, you can breathe easily because of the fabric used (polypropylene and non-woven material).

Worried about sweat? Don’t be because the Pokémon-inspired mask is the ultimate match for the Philippine climate because it’s waterproof but easy to wash!

4. Perfect fit for… well, everything!

Perfect fit for any outfit, perfect for any activity, but also the perfect fit for your face! Featuring the signature MASQ design, there are no side gaps, no constant adjusting of your mask, and no hard time breathing. You can have a stress-free and fun time while being out!

5. Passed the Four Crucial Safety Test, and the High Intensity Workouts

The masks have passed the Four Crucial Safety Test – wherein the test checks for water repelling, particle suction, light transmission, and breath. With these tests, you can be assured that you’re protected while you’re out catching and training Pokémon to be the Pokémon Master!

If you’re exercising with your Pokémon, these masks have also been tested for cardio and HIIT workouts! With all the movements that you’re doing, the design of the mask helps to keep it in place and neither sweating nor heavy breathing will get in the way!

Catch Pikachu, Charmander, Squirtle, and Bulbasaur waving at you on The MASQ Collection’s website!

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