5 Easy Steps to Book That Dream Hotel Room with Traveloka’s BDO/BPI Online Bank Transfer Feature!


Ever scroll through your social media feed, come across ads for gorgeous hotels and wish you could book a stay? We know we have!

Amidst the excitement of planning for your trip, things may become a little overwhelming: browsing through sites, comparing prices, checking out dates, and more! Luckily, Traveloka makes sure that you can do everything from booking your flight and/or hotel to paying in just five simple steps!  

Aside from the various convenient payment options, Traveloka also lets users pay using online bank transfers via BDO/BPI. Now, you don’t need to wait in line or to go to your nearest bank just to confirm your reservation.

Here’s how to pay for and confirm your booking:

  1. Once you’ve reached the payment page on your app, click ‘BANK TRANSFER’
  • Select either BDO / BPI

2. Note your payment schedule and click on the copy button to easily copy your account number and the exact amount to be settled

  • It’s important to input the exact amount down to the last centavo when securing the payment.

3. Open the BDO / BPI app on your phone and input the account number and exact amount you’re paying.

  • Note: BDO has a limit per transaction. It is best for payments of PHP 10,000 and below only.

4. Once the payment transfer is confirmed by your bank, head back to the Traveloka App and click “I Have Completed Payment”

  • You can also upload your proof of payment for faster verification of the transaction.

5. Wait for your voucher

  • Traveloka will send you your receipt and voucher via e-mail.

Five easy steps and you’re ready to go! In case you encounter difficulties, Traveloka offers 24/7 local customer support for concerns on bookings and payments – how convenient!

And that’s it! You’ll soon be waking up in the hotel of your dreams, sipping tea on a bright Saturday morning, and enjoying your room service. And that’s it! Time to have #CrazyEasyTravels with Traveloka. Book your hotel and flights here!

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