Thinking of the perfect gift for Mother’s Day? Try out Red Ribbon’s newest Mango-Choco Marjolaine


If you’re still racking your brains thinking of a sweet gift for mom, we’ve got you! Or rather, our go-to brand for festive cakes and pastries, Red Ribbon, has got your back. Their newest Mango-Choco Marjolaine is a delicious spectacle to look at, and even more delicious to bite into!

We all know that mangoes and chocolate pair well together, but Red Ribbon took these fruity and celebratory flavors on a whole other level. 

Well-balanced and baked with just the right amount of sweetness, each layer is stacked with crunchy and chewy wafers that add an interesting crunch. The mangoes–non-cloying, might we add–are delightfully refreshing and goes super well with the rich chocolate filling.

The cake itself is finished off with praline cream and a generous topping of roasted cashew nuts. Every bite is a symphony of various textures and flavors–sweet, crunchy, chewy all blending together in the best way. We think that not only mom would love it, but the whole family, too! And yes, that includes the young picky eaters, which is honestly one of the best compliments a cake could get.

Red Ribbon hit a home run with their new Mango-Choco Marjolaine! And if you’d like to experience it and share it with the fam, you can order the regular size for P1,299 or order the junior one for P899. Check out this link to see the whole list of participating Red Ribbon stores, or you can order it through the Red Ribbon app, through their website, hotline #87777, or via the GrabFood or FoodPanda apps.

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