Visors were put down and grips were tightened as Yamaha Motor Philippines unveiled Code: Rev at the Inside Racing Bike Fest at the World Trade Center last weekend. 

Yamaha found no better way to mark its return at the annual IRBF but with an action-packed booth, housing all types of Yamaha bikes and newly-launched collections. 

The show opened with a bang seeing a performance from KZ Tandingan backed up by the UPeepz to hype the crowd as it opened its doors for an in-person experience of IRBF after three years virtual stints. 

“It’s one of a kind because we’re finally back on the ground, and this year, we focused on self-expression, premium, and high energy,” Marketing Section Manager Toni Acuesta said. 

More than the sweet return, Acuesta shared that the motorbike powerhouse focused more on their consumers ‘resonating’ with their products. 

And to expand their reach two new collections were introduced in the IRBF, the newest additions to the MIO and MAX series.

Meet Mio Gravis, a fusion of active and elegant. The vehicle is the latest of its kind revamping the 2021 Mio release with new features like Y-connect, Stop & Start system, and hazard switch and comes in three colorways; matte brown, matte black, and dark petrol. 

Cost: P93,900

Easy to find your way around with the all-new XMAX. Sophisticated, comfortable, and advanced technology, this variant sits well with the Max family, given its ‘prestige and confidence’ wherein the simple but elegant style is also dependable it terms of comfort and realibity, which gives riders a sense of riding superiority.

XMAX features include X motif lights, optimized seat shape and storage, adjustable screen and handlebar, traction control, smart key, 4.2-inch color TFT infotainment, visualizers and a 300cc blue-core euro 4 engine. 

The XMAX also has a built-in on-board navigating system with real-time traffic conditions, remaining distance tracker, with ETA provided, using the Garmin StreetCross app. 

Cost: P299,500

“We want our customers to feel that they connect with the bikes, whatever your lifestyle, your hobbies are, there’s a Yamaha motorcycle for you,” he continued. 

Aficionados, for sure, felt that deeply when they visited the booth entering the Dark Side of Japan with the MT-Series, marvelled the rocky rods with the Off-Road models, brought their A-game with the R-World, and got a glimpse of the nostalgic past with Faster Sons. 

And not only did they view and touch the bikes, but also got to experience some of the iconic Yamaha units at the Test Ride Area outside the venue. 

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