The Plain Sight Blend Box: A Spectrum of Coffee Flavors


There’s beauty in the wide spectrum of flavors that coffee can provide. With over a hundred possible flavor descriptors, it can be quite exciting to explore the range from end to end. 

Over the years, Plain Sight Coffee has grown its offerings from single origin coffee to the Weekender and Trooper. Today, it launches the Plain Sight Blend Box, a collection of 4 coffee blends featuring shifts in body, sweetness, acidity, and roast degree. 

At the start of the spectrum, there is Bonfire. This serves as a good introduction to specialty coffee for those used to traditional coffee. A rich-bodied coffee with notes of toast, roasted cacao nibs, and oats, Bonfire is a good start to any new coffee drinker. 

In the middle are two of their best-selling coffees: Weekender and Trooper. Weekender is a Plain Sight original that marries the familiar with the complex, a delicate blend of South American sweetness and Latin American acidity. Trooper features the best of what we love about Brazilian coffees—chocolatey and nutty with just the right amount of body. 

At the end of the flavor journey is Dayglow. Plain Sight’s lightest roasted blend, it is a combination of a fruity Brazil and a fully washed Yirgacheffe. Pairing a light body with sweetness and acidity, it tastes of dark chocolate, roasted almonds, and cherries.

At the end of this taste journey, one thing is clear: Plain Sight Coffee is great coffee, the best possible cup you’ll ever have the pleasure to enjoy.
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