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Created in the tail-end of 2020 by Jessy Ong, the brand’s philosophy is women empowerment in all aspects — the mind, the body, and the soul.

The brand features curated capsule collections made for any wear, whether it’s hitting the next personal record, safely hitting the scene, reaching for the stars at work, or reaching for the remote control during a Netflix binge. She is a woman with power, motivation, self-worth, confidence, and a strong belief in her personality and style. She follows no other drum’s beat, but hers, and faces the music all on her mighty own.

With a combination of Nylon and Spandex material, the palette is minimalist, staying rooted in nude and earthy tones for both fashionable and functional purposes. The colors represent a blank canvas and the woman as muse, where she can mix and match, be it bold or basic. After all, the brand issues a starkly simple reminder reminiscent of its values: “Wear them how you would like.”

herknd currently has three capsule collections:

  1. The Basic: It’s out with the old and in with the nude.

Currently available in cream and brown, the pieces are perfect picks for easy to medium impact workouts. Want more options for your leggings? The collection has them in black and blue.

2. Move Free: Reaching for the stars does not mean revealing your cards.

Move with ease and as you please in grey, taupe, and black. They can get you from a medium to high impact workout to the couch for a binge watch.

3. Basic But Fearless: Who says basic means boring? Fear less and get HIIT with this collection.

Available in black, it is designed to handle even the highest impact without compromising style. If that isn’t a bold statement, what is?

Customers can order through herknd’s official Instagram account on a per-order basis. The brand has also partnered with sustainable shipping enterprise Fifth Express to ship orders around Metro Manila.

Make a bold statement and embrace the feminine spirit with herknd. After all, it is made with the very best kind: hers.

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