SHIMIN XO SAUCE: The Ultimate Umami Booster You Need to Have!


Those of us who’ve grown up celebrating family occasions in Chinese restaurants are no strangers to XO sauce – no authentic Chinese meal is complete without it! This is why we were so delighted when we came across this homegrown XO Sauce by ShiMin PH.

Made in small batches from handpicked ingredients, you will surely get nothing but a premium, umami-filled product. Each bottle is loaded with scallops, dried shrimp and all the good stuff – at the best part is, it’s made with no preservatives or msg! There are so many flavors in the sauce and yet they balance each other out perfectly.

It’s not only a good condiment but also makes for a good ingredient when cooking since it easily boosts the flavor of the dish you decide to pair it with. ShiMin’s XO Sauce elevates whatever it touches – be it fried rice, steamed fish, stir fried beef or vegetables. It’s perfect with just about anything – we even ate it with a bowl of steamed rice and it was divine!

Choose from two variants – Original and Spicy – or get both to suit your mood. The Original is perfect for those who aren’t too keen on spicy dishes but want an umami boost, while the Spicy version stays true to how XO Sauce is traditionally served in Chinese restaurants, but with a special twist.

If you have yet to try this homegrown brand, head on over to their Facebook ( or Instagram ( and place your order! You may also want to check out their bundles available this Christmas season.

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