Serenitea Introduces Latest Drink Innovation: Cloud Coconut Collection


Manila, Philippines – March 15, 2024- Serenitea, the trailblazing brand synonymous with the teashop culture in the Philippines, proudly announces the launch of its newest innovation, the Serenitea Cloud Coconut Collection. Renowned for its trendsetting ethos and commitment to redefining beverage experiences, Serenitea continues to captivate taste buds with this exciting addition to its menu.

Aptly named Cloud Coconut by Serenitea, this collection, which is the first of its kind in the Philippines, promises to revolutionize the way people consume and savor coconut juice. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, each drink features coconut juice infused with tender coconut slivers, delicately crowned with an innovative cloud foam layer made from milk and froth. Blending the cloud foam with the locally sourced coconut juice creates a harmonious fusion of milky, comforting, and refreshing flavors, offering a guilt-free indulgence perfect for the summer season.

Distinguished by its lighter taste compared to conventional coffee foam tops, the Serenitea Cloud Coconut Collection boasts of three delightful toppings to choose from: matcha, taro, and cacao. Furthermore, customers can personalize their experience with customizable sugar levels to suit individual preferences.

Available exclusively at all Serenitea branches nationwide and through third-party delivery app partners such as Grab and Food Panda starting March 15, the Serenitea Cloud Coconut Collection offers medium-sized servings at accessible prices: Matcha Cloud Coconut (P 149), Cacao Cloud Coconut (P 140), and Taro Cloud Coconut (P 140).

Serenitea stands as a pioneer in the Philippine teashop scene, revolutionizing tea preparation through innovative techniques, including the use of espresso machines with customizable options. With over 70 branches nationwide, Serenitea continues to set the standard for exceptional tea experiences.

Join Serenitea in embracing the future of coconut juice enjoyment with the Cloud Coconut Collection. Indulge in the perfect harmony of flavors and elevate your summer refreshment game with Serenitea.

For more information, visit or follow Serenitea on social media Facebook and Instagram: iloveserenitea and Tiktok: OfficialSerenitea.

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