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BORACAY! Flights are booked, so now, where do we stay?

Being first-time visitors of the famed Boracay Island, it was quite difficult trying to find a decent yet affordable place to stay at. Although high rated hotels were widely available across the stations, we opted to look into boutique, hole in the wall type of hotels to make the visit more local and authentic. Throughout our search, we were lucky enough to score a few nights at Second Wind Bed, Bunk & Breakfast, which was as we later found out, perfect for newbies like us.


We arrived at Second Wind at around 10pm on Monday May 9th from Kalibo airport via SouthWest transfers (which were awesome btw! Very well organised.) and all the stress from the delayed flight, bus, and boat rides immediately went away the moment we stepped inside.

Second WindThere was something so serene about their hostel that set our mentality to vacation mode in an instant. The beautiful motif of white painted walls with accents of wood simply put us at ease. The staff were unbelievably friendly and courteous which was a nice welcome after hours on the road.

Common Area


The common area consists of a self-service kitchen and a long wooden dining table and chairs. The utensils are there for everyone’s use as long as you clean up after yourselves.

Second wind

They have a TV set here as well as being the focal point of the hostel’s free wi-fi. The free breakfast from 8-10am is also served here for all the guests to enjoy together.

Second wind


As we were first-timers in Boracay, Second Wind was conveniently situated along Bulabog Road in Station 2 was just a 5 minute walk from the commercial and shopping center known as D’mall, which leads straight into White Beach. A few convenience stores are also just a few steps away for your everyday needs. Also, the best-selling Jonah’s fruitshake restaurant on the main road is just a stone’s throw away!


DSCF7932Much like the theme of the Second Wind, the rooms are kept simple yet practically elegant. They use the same white painted wall gimmick but with a splash of more colours on the ceiling, walls, and bed dividers. The vanity mirror is made up six hexagonal shaped smaller mirrors, the bedside table sufficiently spacious enough yet not so large that it seems space consuming, a safe cabinet beneath the desk, the flat screen TV nicely set up on a wall where you can watch it from the bed, the air-conditioning was perfect for staying in and seeing out that early afternoon heat for the meantime, a full window shade that can keep out the streetlights but will also cast a nice morning shadow during day time, a well-lit bathroom with a hot/cold shower, a toilet with a bidet, sink and mirror.

What I actually loved the most about the room was their beds and pillows. As their manager Gel (Hey girl!)had told us, “we pride ourselves for our beds” and rightly so!
Second Wind
You wouldn’t think of them as a simple bed and breakfast the moment you lie down and feel it for yourself. It’s nearly as comfortable as a 5-star hotel’s bed! Overall, this Bed, Bunk & Breakfast is perfect if you’re up for a cozy, comfortable, homey and laid back vacation vibe!

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