Karaf Coffee: 1-Liter and 3-Liter Coffee on Tap!


KARAF COFFEE is the Philippines’ FIRST and ONLY ready-to-drink, boxed coffee on tap. Offering a unique and healthy espresso-based blend that’s made from partly locally sourced premium green coffee beans and choice Arabica.

Have good-tasting coffee anytime of day and enjoy great conversations with Karaf Coffee’s convenient “bag in a box with tap” packaging that helps keep it fresher for longer.

Everybody loves a good cup of cafe-quality premium coffee. If there is one thing that can be better than it, it’s to have it just within reach — like water on tap. Coffee on tap is a concept usually identified with cafes or restaurants, but now you can have it at home with Karaf Coffee.


The first-of-its-kind in the country, Karaf Coffee is the only boxed espresso-based drink that’s big enough to be enjoyed by the whole gang. It comes in 1-Liter and 3-Liter sizes and two unique variants: Clean Black (Karaf Coffee’s signature espresso blend made from locally sourced premium green coffee beans and imported Arabica beans), Dirty White (Karaf Coffee’s espresso blend with specially crafted non-dairy milk for Latte lovers), and Dark Mocha (latte made with 1919’s internationally awarded dark chocolate)


The idea behind Karaf Coffee is to solve a common problem that all iced coffee lovers have: “Don’t we all just hate paying P130 to P150 for iced coffee, which tastes so good in the first few sips only to become bland and watery after the ice has melted down?”


Karaf Coffee’s unique coffee boxes help retain the iced coffee’s flavor consistent and intact allowing it to keep up with long conversations. Inside the boxes are special bags made out of high-technology VMPET/PE/NY sheets, which contribute to sustaining the freshness of coffee and keeping both low and high temperatures of coffee for hours in a given typical indoor setting. It is also environment-friendly as the boxes can be recycled or repurposed into other things.

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