It’s Crunch Time: Who Wins the Ultimate Fried Chicken Showdown?


In case you couldn’t tell, we’re all about discovering the best gems in and around the metro! And in this particular article, we’re talking about a classic dish that everyone loves and adores–fried chicken. So, welcome to our quest to find the ultimate fried chicken! We’re not just after that golden crunch or tender meat, but we’re also exploring everything from taste to value. Join us as we put Bon Chon, Jollibee, KFC, McDonald’s, and Popeyes to the test.

Disclaimer: Please note that this fried chicken showdown is based purely on our own opinions and experiences, and may differ from individual tastes and preferences.

Bon Chon

Taste: Our first experience with Bon Chon’s Korean-style chicken was intriguing. The coating was impeccably crispy, offering a satisfying crunch with each bite. However, the meat inside didn’t quite match up – it was a bit underwhelming in flavor, lacking the depth and richness I’ve found in other fried chicken. The sweet and savory glaze did lend a unique twist, but it seemed to be compensating for the blandness of the meat.

Price: At Php 225 for a 2PC Chicken (ala carte), it’s pricey. While the unique glaze is a draw, the overall experience didn’t fully justify the cost compared to others.

Accessibility: Bon Chon isn’t as widely available as its competitors, but it’s a sought-after choice for those who find it.

Customer Service: Bon Chon prides itself on good customer service, adding a personal touch to each dining experience.


Taste: Jollibee’s Chickenjoy really stands out for its own unique taste, quite different from the usual fare. The skin is wonderfully crispy, hitting that perfect texture many look for in top-notch fried chicken. But what really sets it apart is the meat – it’s incredibly juicy and flavorful. You can tell the meat was well-marinated to deliver a distinctive taste that’s just unmatched. This chicken has a distinctive taste that’s just unmatched. We’ve seen plenty of vloggers trying to recreate this recipe, but nothing comes close to the original. It’s the whole package – the juiciness, the seasoning, the texture – that makes every bite of Chickenjoy a memorable experience. It’s the kind of chicken that impresses with its flavor alone, without needing any extras to make it shine, but the gravy on the side is a perfect complementing factor, too.

Price: At Php 185 for a 2-pc Chickenjoy (ala carte), it offers good value. It’s a filling meal without being too heavy on the wallet.

Accessibility: With a strong and growing global presence, Jollibee is becoming increasingly easy to find, especially in the Philippines.

Customer Service: The brand is renowned for its warm and efficient service, ensuring a pleasant dining experience every time.


Taste: KFC’s chicken, with its secret blend of herbs and spices, promises a burst of flavor. The crust is indeed flavorful, though it lacks the crunchiness we expected. The meat is tender and juicy, but the flavor doesn’t penetrate as deeply as one might hope. It’s enjoyable, but I’ve often found myself wishing for a more consistent seasoning throughout the meat.

Price: A 2-Pc Chicken is priced a bit high at Php 200 (ala carte). It’s a decent meal for the price, though, but the inconsistency in flavor depth can be a bit disappointing.

Accessibility: KFC enjoys a vast global presence, making it a convenient option for chicken lovers almost anywhere.

Customer Service: KFC maintains a high standard of service, ensuring quick and friendly interactions.


Taste: Sampling McDonald’s fried chicken, we appreciated its comforting simplicity. The seasoning was gentle, providing a soothing flavor that felt familiar and homey. The skin was lightly crispy, adding a nice texture, and the meat was tender and evenly cooked throughout. This is the kind of chicken that you enjoy in the moment for its straightforward goodness, though it might not stand out as a culinary highlight.

Price: At Php 200 for 2-pc Chicken McDo (ala carte), it’s relatively more expensive. Still, you get what you pay for – a decent, no-frills chicken meal.

Accessibility: McDonald’s is virtually everywhere, offering unmatched convenience and ease of access.

Customer Service: Known for their standardized, efficient service, McDonald’s offers a reliable and familiar customer experience globally.


Taste: When we tried Popeyes’ chicken, the Louisiana-style spices were a real game-changer, adding a zesty twist. The coating was notably crispy, delivering a spicy kick that was quite bold. The chicken underneath was juicy, but sometimes, the robustness of the spices tended to overshadow the natural flavors of the meat. As people who like a good balance, we found this a bit overwhelming. It’s a vibrant and flavorful choice for sure, but for those who prefer a more subtle spice, it might be a bit much.

Price: A 2-pc chicken is priced at Php 200 (ala carte). It’s slightly more expensive, but for those who enjoy a spicier chicken, it might be worth the extra cost.

Accessibility: Popeyes is expanding its reach, though it’s not as ubiquitous as some of its competitors.

Menu Variety: While their menu is more focused, Popeyes excels in offering a variety of flavorful chicken options and sides.

Customer Service: Service at Popeyes can vary by location, but generally, they strive to provide a good customer experience.

So who’s our winner?

After much exploration and comparison, Jollibee’s Chickenjoy has rightfully earned the title of the best in our fried chicken showdown. What sets it apart is the harmonious balance between its irresistibly crispy skin and the succulent, juicy meat. The chicken’s flavor is a standout feature, robustly seasoned and thoroughly marinated, ensuring each bite is packed with taste. The magic of Chickenjoy lies not just in its texture but also in its rich and full-bodied flavor profile. Paired with Jollibee’s savory gravy, the chicken’s taste is further enhanced, creating a unique and delightful eating experience that truly distinguishes it from its competitors.

In terms of value, Jollibee hits the mark. Priced at less than Php200, Chickenjoy offers incredible value, providing a hearty and satisfying meal that’s easy on the wallet. Our journey in search of the best fried chicken revealed that while many can offer a decent version, it’s the combination of exceptional taste and thoughtful pricing that really stands out. Jollibee’s Chickenjoy does exactly that, blending great taste with affordability, making it a standout choice in a competitive market.

In the end, Jollibee stood out as the clear winner, not just for its delicious taste but also for great value, easy availability, and excellent service. This exciting contest showed us that while many can make good fried chicken, Jollibee is the top choice for those who love their chicken just right.

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