How to stay healthy down there? Learn the secret to a healthy & protected V all month long


From your worry-free childhood, the uncertainties of being a teenager, and to experiencing the pressure of adulting, it’s essential for you to build healthy habits in order to survive, feel safe, cared for, and protected. During your different life stages, you’ve explored and learned what works best for you, especially for sensitive areas that have a huge bearing on your health, hygiene, and overall confidence. But do you really know how to stay healthy down there? Have you truly discovered the right femme care habit?

If you don’t, no worries! We got you, bestie!

But first, you have to know that building a healthy femme care habit starts with the proper care for your intimate area every day, including red days. Here’s why

Women’s bodies change on the daily as you go through the monthly menstrual cycle. Add to that the different daily demands of your lifestyle.  The commutes to the office, long days away from the house and even regular exercise regimens can cause sweat and develop germs that would lead to unwanted odor. This calls for an everyday fem wash that is effective, gentle, and reliable. pH Care has ph 5 for gentle care daily and has pH Care OdorProtech to ensure a clean and fresh feeling all day long. And for those dreaded red days when bacteria build-up and odor is more than usual? GynePro is there to give superior red day protection. It is the ultra protection feminine wash with 2x antibacterial protection to conquer odor, itch, and irritation during red days. 

We can all agree that life can get extra tough during red days but the right fem care habit everyday will give you freshness and confidence, making every bad day a breeze! So trust only the leading feminine washes, pH Care for everyday and GynePro for red days– the best duo care down there.

pH Care starts at Php 5 per sachet and GynePro retails at Php 73 for 60mL. Shop now at, Lazada, Shopee. These are also available in leading supermarkets and drugstores nationwide.




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