Select Filipino brands gather for virtual fair: “Ipagdiwang” by I SHOP Lokal

I Shop Lokal

A new player in the virtual marketplace industry is slowly introducing us to a better way to shop online & #supportlocal. Following a well-received launch last month, I SHOP Lokal, the country’s pioneer curator of virtual fairs for the conscious and conscientious Filipino consumer, is already gearing up for its second.

Entitled “Ipagdiwang“, the online gathering will be held via I SHOP Lokal‘s Instagram page (@ishoplokal) from June 18 to 20, in time for Father’s Day. The event will be graced by twenty-five brands, all of which have undergone I SHOP Lokal‘s vetting process.

Unlike other marketplaces, I SHOP Lokal carefully screens its partner brands where they ensure that their sellers possess at least one of their seven (7) Badges of Sustainability.  “These Sustainable Badges represent the values of both our company and the community we are trying to build. The dream is to be able to optimize consumption that heals the world. We will begin this journey by uplifting our own country – the Philippines.

“It is time we integrate our traditions with future-focused innovations.” says Camille Teodoro. Relevant information will be included in the profile of each brand in order for customers to purchase with mindfulness and intent.

I SHOP Lokal’s team

One of the Pioneer brands of the movement alongside Maison Métisse, Juan and Maia, and Marco Pilipino, is the well-known Ibarra Watches, which has made its mark by promoting our country’s culture and heritage globally. This brand will be joining I SHOP Lokal in this week’s Ipagdiwang event.  “We, Millennials, want to prove to people and to ourselves that we can do greater things. We can definitely offer the world much more as a country.” quips Ibarra Watches’ Founder, Nico Moreno.

Ibarra Watches

“As we ease into the so-called new normal, we want our friends, family, and growing community to start feeling the weekends again, without the risks of going out of the comfort of their homes during this pandemic,” said I SHOP Lokal partners Teodoro, Justin Filamor, Marga Raymundo, and Adrian Asoy of their series of virtual fairs.Kingsmen Tailors

Despite the early challenges, this team believes that the current crisis magnifies the need to act on better consumption practices, while giving great importance to supporting local. “From the side of the sellers, we hope to provide a solid avenue where our partner brands can progress with their products and grow in the values that they represent. You must remember that many Filipinos depend on these small-medium enterprises for their livelihood, and that one can be better equipped for future uncertainties when he or she is consuming with the bigger picture in mind,” the team adds.

Some of I SHOP Lokal’s merchants: BCO Cafe, Maki Deli & Teo (Athletics)

SAVE THE DATES OF THE VIRTUAL FAIR: June 18 – 20, 2020 (Thursday – Saturday)

To learn more about this movement, visit @ishoplokal.

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