This Cleaning Service Is Something You Need in Your Life


Nothing beats the feeling of arriving home to a clean & fresh space!

DustbustersPH, a cleaning service that initially started offering their services to students around Taft avenue. 

Eventually, the Dustbusters team had grown from condo units to house cleanings and even specialized in post-construction and deep cleanings. The team is also equipped with the Rainbow Vacuum Cleaner and Gruenheim Steamer which can extensively clean beds, sofas, cushions, rugs, and chairs. This is what got us excited!
The DustbustersPH team were thorough enough to clean the easily overlooked parts of the house. They made sure every corner was dusted and wiped. They also vacuumed and steamed all our beds and furnitures. So satisfying! It was also reassuring how the owners would personally ask us if everything was done to our liking as they wanted to make sure the cleaning was done well. Since it’s a very personal thing to have cleaners in the house, it was nice to have that reassurance that everything was done according to how we want it. Overall, it was a very thorough cleaning experience that left us with an amazingly clean, fresh and comfortable home.

Nowadays, we get so caught up with work and hardly have time to clean up after ourselves, services like this help take that worry off of our minds while we’re busy taking care of other things. After the team had finished cleaning, we couldn’t express how happy we were with the outcome. Everything was tidied up, the house smelled fresh and the floors were shiny.  It just felt like a fresh start for us and we couldn’t be any happier.

Get your space the cleaning it deserves, DustbustersPH is now serving residential houses, Muntinlupa, Paranaque, Makati, San Juan City, Pasig City, Pasay City, Las Pinas City, Quezon City, and Taguig City.

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