Drunk Leches, Cookie Cheesecake Bars & more from @eat.monmonmon


A new show-stopping dessert has just been added to Monmonmon’s slowly-growing menu!

Following the release of the instant hit that is the Cookie Cheesecake Bars a few months ago,

Monmonmon yet again whips up a decadent dessert to add to your must-try list — the Drunk Leches.

The Drunk Leches is a sponge cake bathed in bourbon-infused milk soak, lathered with salted caramel bourbon syrup, topped with Chantilly cream, drizzled with more syrup, and sprinkled with shards of hard salted caramel. That’s pretty much indulgence at its maximum!

The recently-released offering stays true to what Monmonmon has always promised to give – a luscious finale to every meal. This particular treat stems from a few months’ worth of incessant experimentation, leading to a creation that truly satisfies owner-baker Monica’s sweet tooth.

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