Start your Puerto Princesa adventure just 2 minutes from the airport!


In a place where there’s brightly painted walls, unlimited coffee for PHP 80 and Happy Hour every single day. Canvas Boutique Hotel is an adventure in itself.

You know you’re in for something special as soon as you walk through the lobby: light installations inspired by the stalactites of the Subterranean River, comfortable and unique furniture pieces, colorful murals that tell stories of the exciting culture of Palawan and a vibrant in-house restaurant that celebrates culture, color, flavors, and happy moments!
Located in the heart of Puerto Princesa in Palawan, literally just a 2-minute drive away from the airport and accessible to different points-of-interest in the city, your adventure starts as soon as you arrive at Canvas.You will be welcomed by a bright splash of color and stunning art installations right when you enter the lobby. While waiting, sip on house- made welcome drink made of calamansi and local wild honey and soak in all the visual imagery that Canvas has to offer, look up to lights that mimic the stalactites of the underground river, look down to intricate Machuca tiles, look left and right and center as hand-painted wall art narrates stories of the island, live and in color.

Your journey continues to your room, the powerful tug of adventure seeps even through the walls of your spacious private rooms – decked out in comfort to keep you cozy inside, but designed with inspiration that urges you to keep one foot ready to explore.

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To illustrate this sweet contrast: wide spaces are functionally maximized with well-curated furniture, both natural and installed lighting tell of bright days inside and outside, wide and comfortable beds initiate peaceful shuteye, as the mind dreams of the next day’s outdoor escapade – all rounded out by a unique mural that lords over each room, hand painted to depict the natural haunts all over Palawan. Whether you are with your family, friends or travelling solo, we have a room perfect for your Palawan get-away.This 49-room boutique hotel is truly a delight to the senses.You need more than a moment to experience all the sensations of Canvas – whether it’s as you kick your feet back in your spacious rooms, share plates of delicious and colorful dishes at the vibrant Painted Table restaurant, or take a dip in the instagrammable pool. Whatever you choose, keep your eyes wide open and your heart set to experience adventure – it’s how they do it at Canvas.

Ask anybody to describe home and they’ll probably tell you about the food, and how it brings families closer. It’s equal parts flavor and feeling—that scene in your home where you sit with your loved ones and have a good laugh over childhood anecdotes and meals made with love.

At the Painted Table, home is where the art is. True to the restaurant’s namesake, you will find two wonderful painted tables inside – a 14-seater commissioned by Canvas to muralist AG Saño, a street art savant also known as the Dolphin Guy; and, a 6-seater commissioned to Art on the Move, a local artist community in Puerto Princesa.The former illustrates the rich nature and folklore of Palawan through marine art while the latter is inspired by the seal of Puerto Princesa: a peacock-pheasant endemic to Palawan. You see, even before being served, guests get to feast on this: a vibrant mix of species endemic to the island, intertwined gracefully through strokes and splashes. The Painted Table comes with treats for all senses: a place where guests are visually and gastronomically filled.

“The Painted Table’s specially curated menu follows suit: home-cooked Mexican dishes infusedwith Asian flavors, freshly prepared, locally sourcedand inspired by the close- knit homes of Mexico.”

That’s how it is at Painted Table—palettes that travel through each dish are inspired to take on more adventures. Colorful dishes and creative design details fuel each guest’s hunger to touch base with Palawan. Each meal taken at the Painted Table, rich in flavor and dripping with cultural narratives, makes everyone feel like stepping out to explore is an act of coming home.

The walls of Canvas are far from boring. It’s an avenue for art appreciation because here, EVERY STOREY HAS A STORY.

Discover Palawan’s mystery and history through Canvas Boutique Hotel’s walls.

If walls could talk, what would you want it to say? The walls at Canvas speak volumes,and—quite literally—every storey has a story. The first floor, dubbed Underworld, ispainted with otherworldly elements that’ll leave the observer daunted. As you reach the second landing, drown out in awe as you explore Under The Sea, teeming with water creatures floating in colorful concrete. Trek the steps to Land at the third floor, as you imagine yourself at a hike through earthy ground and rich soil, and bask at the summit in the top and fourth floor, aptly called Sky and Mountain, where airy explorations await.And about the three distinct features we said at the start? Yes, there’s FREE-FLOWING BREWED COFFEE! Experience afternoon delight with Painted Table’s free-flowing brewed coffee daily from 2 to 5 PM!

There’s HAPPY HOUR EVERYDAY So bring in your beer buddies! They sell local beers at P450 per bucket with a bar chow of your choice daily from 2-10PM! And this is all just geting you ready for — COCKTAIL WEEKENDS! Enjoy BOGO (Buy One Get One) Cocktails every Friday-Sunday, 6-10PM at Painted Table. Don’t forget to ask about the bestsellers!

So, ready to take your Puerto Princesa, Palawan adventure to the next level?

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