Vincel Timtim


  • What do you like most about being a bartender?
    Being creative, making something new and make my guest always satisfied.
  • What’s your favorite cocktail and why?
    Negroni! It is very balanced, fruity, sweet, bitter and herby. These notes are giving me a good selection of flavors.
  • What’s your favorite Diageo Spirit and why?
    Tanqueray London Dry Gin! When i started my career in bartending, Tanqueray was the first spirit that got my attention. I said that i would love to work with this spirit.
  • Which bartender do you look up to the most and why?
    Hidetsugu Ueno as he is very meticulous and particular in his flavors
  • Share with us your favorite memory of being a bartender
    I had a British guest coming to the bar all the time asking for a very, very, very dry Martini. One day, I was surprised when she told me that I finally served her the Dry Martini that she wanted. I was shocked! No wonder she kept coming back. I was new back then and so I treated this a very memorable experience.
  • Which is your dream bar to visit?
    Bar High Five in Tokyo, Japa

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