Martin Ben Protacio


  • What do you like most about being a bartender?
    I enjoy sharing stories and laughter with all walks of life coming through our doors. Whether its about sharing their fun moments in life or their lowest moments. You never know what story you will hear next.
  • What’s your favorite cocktail and why?
    My favorite cocktail is Tom Collins. It is crisp, refreshing, and perfect in all seasons. Its versatility can cater to all walks in life.
  • What’s your favorite Diageo Spirit and why?
    My favorite Diageo Spirit is Tanqueray Sevilla. The rich Sevilla Orange matches the climate in the Philippines. This variant of Tanqueray brings the citrus flavors whic is perfect in any time of the day, may it be a Tanqueray & Tonic or a cocktail, it will surely be a perfect spirit to mix.
  • Which bartender do you look up to the most and why?
    Jerrold Khoo! He is one of my idols. In one interview he said in a podcast, “we were getting too comfortable, we need to reinvent ourselves”. That line sparked and made me realize that I have to keep on rebuilding myself and be adaptive.
  • Share with us your favorite memory of being a bartender
    My favorite memory is being adaptive in any situation. This pandemic had affected our industry real hard. We tried to adapt and bring out our creative side like bringing RTD cocktails to the homes of our guests. Now that our industry is slowly opening, we are slowly getting back to our usual routine with improved skills.
  • Which is your dream bar to visit?
    My dream bar to visit is the American Bar at The Savoy in United Kingdom

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