Kim Chan Cas


  • What do you like most about being a bartender?
    Seeing people enjoy the cocktails that I make!
  • What’s your favorite cocktail and why?
    My favorite cocktail is called Eclipse. It was the first cocktail that I made,and I had no idea that it has a similar taste to New York Sour. I only discovered this when my bar manager and co-bartenders praiseed me for what I made. I am so happy that my cocktail got featured on our Facebook page.
  • What’s your favorite Diageo Spirit and why?
    The Singleton of Dufftown 12YO is my favorite Diageo Spirit because it is an important recipe in the cocktail I’m making for the World Class competition
  • Which bartender do you look up to the most and why?
    The bartender that I look up to the most is my bar manager, Mr. Aldrin Ivan Ancheta. He is the one who change my
    perspective about being a bartender and being a more responsible and dedicated person when it comes to work. I learned also how to value my job and enjoy the things that I love to do.
  • Share with us your favorite memory of being a bartender
    My favorite memory of being a bartender is enjoying being around the company of my teammates, when we are dancing around our workplace while mixing drinks and serving it to our customers with a smile on our face.
  • Which is your dream bar to visit?
    Employees Only

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