Jhela Namoro


  • What do you like most about being a bartender?
    I really love it when I discover a lot of things and being able to work while interacting with different kinds of people.
  • What’s your favorite cocktail and why?
    Before it was a Negroni but now it’s Army and Navy! I am still learning about classic cocktails up to now and since I’ve had this one, I fell in love with it!
  • What’s your favorite Diageo Spirit and why?
    Tanqueray No. Ten. I just simply love Gin.
  • Which bartender do you look up to the most and why?
    My mentors- Mr. Jobert Tan, Mr. Marc Anthony Bautista and Mr. Billy Ray Garma. Enthusiatic people who have inspired and motivated me. Mr. Jobert Tan, Mr. Marc Anthony Bautista and Mr. Billy Ray Garma- I will always be thankful for everything you taught me. For your guidance and leading me to the right path. You guys are amazing people. Being a bartender really changed my life and I hope I can return the favor sometime in the future. To Sir Marc Anthony Bautista, I believe he’s watching.
  • Share with us your favorite memory of being a bartender
    My favorite moments are my firsts. My 1st day as a back bar, 1st day starting in front of the bar, 1st time competing, 1st time to do a guest shift and 1st time I met my idol mixologists and bartenders.
  • Which is your dream bar to visit?
    I have no specific bar that I really wanted to visit yet, but I’m always looking forward to try going to different bars in other countries like Austrailia, Singapore and Japan.

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