Bring home the bacon – Pizza Hut’s cheesiest and tastiest pizza is here!


Pizza hut has always been known to be a risk taker. While others strive to perfect their dough or put more toppings on top of their pie – Pizza Hut went the other way and said, ‘why not put stuff INSIDE our crust?’.  It was a bizarre and unique interpretation of a pizza but somehow, it works.

Recently, Pizza Hut launched its newest and cheesiest pizza to date – the Bacon Stuffed Cheesy Crust Pizza.

It’s a crispy cheddar crust stuffed with mozzarella and bacon bits, alongside an already flavorful dough with melty cheese and vibrant tomato sauce.

The combination is both satisfying and mouth-watering and the only decision you’d have to make is whether or not to start eating the pie or the crust first (pro tip: people LOVE eating stuffed crusts first so it’s still super melty).

If you love stuffed crust, Pizza Hut has got to be the best in the business. In a society where bacon is most certainly a thing– stuffing bits and pieces of it in a cheesy crust is, for us, a bold power move.

And in a world where doubters could say, ‘why add it?’ – to that we say, ‘why not?’ With its perfectly melted cheese with bits and pieces of bacon encased in a chewy, crusty dough – it’s every person’s cheesy bacon filled dream.

Pizza Hut has done it againand we’re just as excited as you! To make things better, pair your pie with the Bacon Margherita with MORE Bacon – how awesome is that?

Also, if you’re absolutely craving for bacon cheesy goodness, you can upgrade any of your favorite Pan Pizza for as low as P110.

Order now at call 911-1111 for Metro Manila deliveries and #11111 for Provincial orders. #PizzaHutPH

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