5 Christmas Dishes from Eng Bee Tin and The Great Buddha Cafe that Can Level Up Your Holiday Get Together!


Every opportunity we get to catch up with our loved ones is special – and this holiday season is no exception. Whether it’s a quick online catch up or a reunion with family members you haven’t seen for months, food definitely makes it 10x better.

The Great Buddha Cafe and Eng Bee Tin want to make get togethers more meaningful this Christmas with our Family Feast Platters.

Eng Bee Tin is the renowned pastry shop from Chinatown whose delicious delicacies have been part of Pinoy celebrations for over 100 years. The Great Buddha Cafe, on the other hand, is another food concept of the family enterprise, led by Gerry Chua, which offers feasts for those with great appetites.  

Level up your Noche Buena and Media Noche handaans with dishes that are sure to get you into the holiday spirit. Here are 5 foods you should have on your spread:

  1. Hopia

While you usually see mandarins and oranges placed to attract wealth, you can also include other circle-shaped delights such as hopia. Eng Bee Tin has over 20 exciting flavors you can choose from – with sweet and savory options, too! 

  1. Pata Tim & Mantou

Lechon out, Pata Tim in. Our Pata Tim is slow cooked for tenderness, and made to have the perfect balance of sweet and savory.

Order this at Chuan Kee, a restaurant owned by the family, and get a side of Mantou to pair it with.

  1. Tikoy

Sweet rice balls and rice cakes – with their chewy and sticky texture – are associated with family and togetherness. Family is most important in our lives so treat them to delicious desserts like mochi balls and tikoy. 

Eng Bee Tin has all your favorites prepared and you can buy premium tikoys, tikoy rolls and mochi balls which are prepared fresh every day! 

  1. Breads

Breads – whether you like them plain or flavored – are a staple in any household. Make sure not to leave this out since it’s the perfect snack to pair with hot chocolate or coffee while you wait for the clock to strike 12mn.

Happy gift-opening!

  1. Great Buddha Feast Sets

Remove the stress of preparing an entire feast and order family platters from The Great Buddha Cafe.

Starting at P600, these delicious sets perfect for grand gatherings are the best way to usher in the wonderful holiday season. Find all your best-selling favorites in different platter combos. Great Buddha Feast sets are available for delivery, so call in your orders today!

Spreading joy this season, loyal patrons can also get in on the fun with 2 sets of 3 giveaway feasts from The Great Buddha Café. Click this link https://tinyurl.com/EngBeeTinGiveaway to join!  

To place advance orders for your Eng Bee Tin favorites and The Great Buddha Café Family Feast Platters, visit ​​their website at https://www.ubedelivery.com/ or https://greatbuddhacafe.com/.

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