We Discovered a Key to Get Rid of Bloating! 


Food is our love language and I bet yours, too. There’s always a new restaurant to explore, new items on the menu to try, viral snacks we’d like to taste, and unlimited reasons to dine out or order in.

But, let’s face it, we always have to look out for problems that might arise such as indigestion, constipation, and the most common of all – bloating. 

While there are numerous reasons behind bloating, one of the most effective ways to fight it is by incorporating fiber-rich foods into our diet. Fiber plays an essential role in easing digestion and eliminating bloating. 

Did you know that Del Monte 100% Pineapple Juice is fiber-enriched to aid digestion? Del Monte Fiber-Enriched is your secret weapon in conquering the feeling of bloatedness, so you can embrace your vibrant, food-filled lifestyle. Each can is enriched with 4 grams of fiber equivalent to a bowl of salad to help aid your digestion!

Del Monte invited several foodies to a 9-course degustation dinner for us to indulge without having to worry about bloating afterwards! By the way, 4 out of 9 dishes were infused with pineapple! Wow!

Without further ado, let’s enjoy each carefully crafted course prepared by Chef Julius Quiambao and Chef Mark Sanchez at Golden Gibbon in Makati. 

The first course is Betel Goong, a poached shrimp wrapped in betel leaf dripping with santol based crying tiger sauce. It’s a great combination of minty and tangy. 

Up next is Lamb Krathong, braised Australian lamb leg, with burnt onion gel delicately placed in krathong tongs (crispy cups). This is one of my top picks from the bunch. It’s like an elevated version of spring rolls oozing with flavors. 

Third course is Moohom, a smokey bbq iberico pork collar skewers paired with pickled jicamas and julienned kaffir. 

Then came Tom Yum Chawvanmushi. It has diced grilled tiger prawns, chicharon furikake, pineapple, and chili caviar. When the host asks foodies about their favorite dish from the event, this one was the clear winner! 

Fifth course is Goi So Diep, lightly cooked scallops delicately mixed in a delightfully sour pomelo and chili salad dripping in a tangy tamarind dressing. 

Here comes my top pick – Avam Hitam Laksa! It’s smokey sliced corn fed yellow chicken breast laying atop a bed of kway teow noodles bathed in stir fried laksa paired with a grilled pineapple salsa. This is so flavorful and filling. The pineapple salsa served as a palette cleanser, too. 

The 7th course is a pan seared halibut with nori whipped potato adorned with a delicated thai herb infused ankake. They call this dish Geng Jeut Plaa. 

For the 8th course, meet Sit Krong – braised short ribs, brushed with pineapple glaze laying atop of a burnt eggplant puree and red curry jus garnished with pineapple foam. This completes my top 3. Tender, fresh, and flavorful is how I’d describe it. 

For a sweet ending, of course, dessert! They served the classic mango sticky rice top with a peanut cashew crumb, mango sorbet and burnt milk meringue and pineapple powder. 

What a gastronomic journey it has been! 

Now, time to drink Del Monte Fiber-Enriched Pineapple Juice to cap off the night! 

By making fiber a part of our daily lives, we will not only be saying goodbye to bloating but also nurturing our gut thus promoting overall well-being. 


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